Sunday, September 16, 2007

Field Fair, etc.

I guess it's about time I updated this thing, huh? I am determined to get better at this blogging thing! Unfortunately, I have no new pictures to post at this point, so ya'll will have to be satisfied with the words flowing from my pen... er... keyboard.

I am settling into a routine here in the great state of Missouri--classes, work detail, P.D. (discipleship), etc... Oh! And, most exciting of all, there are the trips to Wal-Mart. It is almost 100% guaranteed that you will see a "New Triber" while at Wal-Mart; we are everywhere! The community here just can't get rid of us.

I joined the worship team on campus, which has been fun. We have chapel every Monday and Friday, and we do 3-4 songs to start it off. The team is great, and I love to sing (no matter what), but I definitely miss my team at ABC! It was such a joy to be led by Bryan Baldwin; he is immensely talented and truly humble of heart.

I have been church "shopping" since I got here. It's such a cultural change after being in California--and at ABC, specifically. I know I won't find a church that measures up in my mind and heart, but you all could pray that I find a place that is a good fit. And pray that I would keep an attitude of giving and serving... not of... "What can I get out of this?"

Thursday and Friday we had "Field Fair." Representatives from many different countries were here to present the needs of their fields. One of the biggest questions facing all the students is where to serve; it's certainly bouncing around my head all the time. Every day, I pray God would show me the gifts I have and where He wants to use them. PLEASE join me and PRAY for clarity and direction...

Friday night we had a bit of a reunion; a staff family that used to serve at Bible school invited all the Jackson alumni over to their house. We knew there were a lot of us, but it was crazy to see really how many when we were all together! There were a few students I didn't know (those who started in 2005 after I left), but the vast majority came through Jackson when I was there. It was a fun time of re-connecting... and of drinking coffee and eating chocolate. :)

All for now...