Monday, September 18, 2006

Pictures of the damage...

One Last Hoorah!

Hello, everyone! (This is an e-mail I sent out yesterday.)

Well, I have been intending to send out an update ever since I came back from the Czech Republic. Things have been busy, as I have been moving from one house to another, etc.

HOWEVER, today God gave me a little nudge, and so here I am writing this message. The little nudge I just referred to comes in this form: I just stood and watched my MINIVAN be CONSUMED by FLAMES before my very eyes!

I was on my way back from Home Depot with the lady I am now living with when the van started smelling kind of funny. I pulled over and walked around it several times, but nothing seemed to be amiss. After a few minutes, I noticed some steam (or so I thought) coming out from underneath the hood. As the seconds went by, it became clear that it was smoke, and it literally started pouring out. At that point, I called 911, and they said someone would be on the way. A couple minutes later I saw a small flame burning on the road underneath the hood, and I knew that something was seriously wrong.

To make a long story short, almost the whole van was eventually consumed by flames. I have NEVER been so thrilled to hear the wail of sirens getting closer and closer. A few fire trucks and police cars showed up, and soon I could see the charred skeleton of my trusty van. After all our adventures together, it was only fitting that it go out with a bang, although it's easier to say that now. Panic kind of took over earlier.

Please pray for me as I deal with a lot of details in the next few days, including disposing of a big mass of metal! Please pray, too, that God would lead me to another vehicle. Kathryn (the lady I am living with) had eye surgery not long ago and is not able to drive, so I can use her car for a couple of weeks. But I will be needing to buy something else in the very near future. Thanks so much!

In Christ,