Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring 2008

Jim and Connie Turek... a staff couple who have really blessed me this semester.

Good friends - Micah and Kristy Goulart (with adorable little Sofia!)

Valdecio and Suzy Da Silva (staff)... I enjoy watching American Idol with them! :)

With my friend, Sherry... That was one stubborn lid on those artichokes!

God has blessed me with getting to know Melanie this semester; I so enjoy her friendship...

With Renae at her graduation; she's now working in the child care dept., so I haven't lost her yet!

Rebekah, Melanie and Candace

Beth and Melanie

Our worship band
Mel and I take band practice very seriously! :)

Grammar - Sorry this picture isn't very clear, but at least it gives you an idea of what I'm doing!

Grammar homework - Analyzing languages and then charting... and charting... AHHH!!!

Yes, that is me soldering! Tech Tips taught us about living in a remote location--solar panels, wiring, water filtration, etc. I understood a few things along the way. :)

My poor lab partner, Valerie

Helping with "Jesus Loves Me" at "Rowdy Worship Night at New Tribes" :)


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