Friday, May 23, 2008

More Pics - Spring '08

I have plenty of room; come and visit me! Ha, ha... Just kidding!

Sarah and I did work detail together...

Enjoying some time on a boat with friends (Renae here)...


The lake...

Renae and Kevin

Dress up with Renae :)

Learning about the sounds that make up languages in Phonetics class

Getting into the Missouri culture :)

In our Health and Wellness class, I learned to take blood pressure and give a shot!

Raul and Melanie Salaverria - teachers from my MK school in Mexico

An outing to Springfield--shopping and Olive Garden! :)

Surprise birthday party for Mel

Some guys in our class built a very impressive cabin in the woods!

Renae and me at the "jungle camp" cabin


Blogger Toplov Trio said...

You have such great memories to look back on just over 2 semesters. Sometimes I miss that feeling of everyone living on the same campus and sharing everything and other times I don't miss it at all. =)

9:01 PM  
Anonymous David said...

Hi Esther,

I especially enjoyed the great photos on your site. As an NTM missionary, it would be best if the gun photos weren't included. I love to hunt myself, but I don't include any photos so as not to give the wrong impression to those who don't understand the American culture or freedom we enjoy.

content manager
NTM Communications

6:21 AM  

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