Saturday, February 10, 2007

CA Central Coast


Pictures taken by Art Irwin
Back row: Grandma, Rebecca, Me, Mom
Front row: Aunt Sandy, Nelly (cousin), Aunt Victoria

Uncle David, doing what he does best--cooking!

Art (my bro) and Nelly

My daddy (I love this picture!)

Near Half Moon Bay, CA

My parents (picture taken by Art Irwin, my bro)

San Francisco Day Trip

Left to right: David and Victoria (Barclay); Lowell and Sandy (Fast)


It seems I have been slacking in the communication department as of late. I have spent a lot of time catching up on e-mails and phone calls in the last week or so. I guess I should post more often, although I don't know that I have much of interest to share...

Life here on the central coast of CA is kind of same ol', same ol'... I work from 8:30 to 5--Tuesday through Friday--in the office at my church. I'm involved in some missions stuff, choir, worship team, a couple of Bible studies, and a community group.

What's been happening over the past few months? Well, I guess I never posted pictures of my car, as I said I would. It seems every time I think of it, it's dark... Oh, well, maybe some day I'll get around to it. I'm happy to say that I can drive a stick now, thanks to the combined efforts of several members of the male gender who were generous enough to offer me their time and talents! I confess, however, that I have not become a manual aficionado as of yet. Maybe with time... I doubt it. :)

I was able to go to my parents' house in El Paso, TX, for Thanksgiving, which was a blessing. It's still a little surreal that my parents OWN a home; chalk it up to the constant wanderings of a missionary family, I guess.

We had a family reunion of sorts over Christmas and New Year's. My parents came out from Texas, and we headed up to San Jose to join my grandparents, my brother, and 4 of my dad's brothers and sisters (and their families). It's rare for us all to be together, so we took advantage of the time to visit and... eat, of course. Some of us took a day trip to San Francisco, which was wonderful; the weather was absolutely clear (due to TONS of wind), which afforded a beautiful view of the bridge and the bay.

While we were there, my parents and I stayed in the same house we had lived in as a family on furlough (2000). It brought back all kinds of memories, especially since the house is quite old and a bit quirky. One of its most endearing quirks is that the staircase is conveniently located in the bathroom... yes, you read that correctly. So you better enjoy where you are right now (upstairs or downstairs) 'cause you could be stuck there for a while. Actually, it's amazing how quickly you get used to something, and it just becomes normal. We were grateful for the provision of the house in 2000 and again during the 2 weeks we were there for Christmas!

I am thinking and praying about my future. I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and direction as I walk through life, endeavoring to see what God's path is for me.

I will post again when I have something more to share. :)